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Why are divorces increasing in celebrities?

Celebrity breakups and divorces are hot-button topics. We hear about them almost every day. The media frenzy over Hollywood’s next “it” couple and the news headlines dedicated to the unfortunate divorce is a testament to that. Celebrity relationships are known for their short duration and bitter ends. We tend to think that celebrity divorces are extremely common because we are constantly bombarded with celebrity divorce headlines through magazines, newspapers, social media, other media outlets. As it turns out, celebrity marriages do end up in divorce more frequently. It might seem, from the outside looking in, that fame, money, and adulation are enough to keep people happy both in their personal lives and professional lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth as these reasons can sometimes also lead to bitter divorces and stressful child custody battles; both of which take a toll on not only the parties involved but also their immediate families; especially children. Besides, they have access to the best celebrity divorce attorney, that is another factor.

Some of the reasons behind increasing divorce rates among celebrities are listed below

  • Media attention –The excessive media attention given to high-profile relationships can often become stressful. Every single aspect of their life is exposed to the general public. One wrong move can lead to intense media and public scrutiny. The photo-ops and the influence public relations has on celebrity relationship can easily paint a false perception of the reality behind the glitz and the glamorous lifestyles of these celebrities.
  • Egos- Most celebrities who engage in high-profile relationships usually have an inflated sense of self-importance. Too much ego is a bad thing. It is not only bad for their professional lives but it can also significantly affect and impair their interpersonal relationships. For them, it is only a matter of time when everything falls apart.
  • Busy schedules – Celebrity schedules are unlike any other schedules. A healthy marriage is one in which the partners can spend quality time with each other. The busy schedule is an obvious roadblock for most celebrity couples. However, not all celebrity couples decide to split because they can’t give time to their marriage. Some of them also work through those issues and try to save their relationship just like a normal couple would.
  • Infidelity – Hollywood couples have to constantly work with other hot-looking celebrities and film steamy, intimate scenes with them. This can lead to insecurity and trust issues in the relationship. Many of them give in to the temptations and end up cheating on their partners.
  • Money – Normal couples would have to think more than twice about all the expenses related to divorces. For celebrity couples, money is not an issue. They can easily use their position and wealth to go through a procedure like a divorce.

Conclusion – Celebrity couples are not normal couples. Their lives are different than normal couples. Fame, money, power, position can change people’s perspectives. They can easily afford the expensive attorney charges that are associated with divorce. This is why celebrity marriages usually end up in divorce.

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