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Four Tips to Ensure a Smoother Divorce Transition While Still Living Together

The majority of couples choose to live separately as they go through the divorce process. But, divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic can limit the abilities and decisions of couples. Although moving out is an option, it may be too financially draining to do during this global crisis. Also, couples who have children may prefer to live together during a divorce while child custody is sorted out. While living together during a divorce is not pleasant, couples can amicably cohabitate during the process. If you have sought legal help with your divorce case in westport, ct, you can get advice from your attorney to ease the tension that may come with the spouse who will become your ex soon. If you and your spouse have decided to continue to live together, here’s how you can deal with the situation:

Create Boundaries

As you and your spouse navigate the new situation after you decide to part ways, tensions can be high if you are trying to get the most time with your kids. But, you can create boundaries like time schedules for work schedules and move into another room, so each of you can have their personal space and time. 

Set a Budget

A divorce is not cheap. Indeed, you may want to live together during your divorce because of the extra expense. Although divorce doesn’t mean you will amass debts or go through financial hardship, you must set a budget during this transition. This will help both of you adjust to paying your own expenses and minimize arguments over finances. You and your spouse must work to establish a budget to make financial expectations and obligations clear, smoothing your divorce process. 

Assign Duties Equally

You and your spouse must have household duties. This could include dropping off and picking up the kids at school, doing general household work, and taking care of pets. Working as a team during this stage can significantly improve everyone’s life. Aside from establishing duties associated with child care, you both must also work together when it comes to bonding time. Having each of you performing their own duties helps you avoid confrontation and resentment. 

Plan for Life After the Divorce

Planning ahead ensures one of you will be ready to move out after the divorce has been finalized. Your plan must include a discussion on what happens to the family home, child custody, and asset division. How much budget you set can also indicate what you can expect after your divorce.

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