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Whiplash from Car Accidents: Victims Can Suffer for a Long Time or Forever

Whiplash is a misunderstood injury that can be sustained in a car accident. Many people think that it is a mild injury that will disappear on its own and does not merit a complaint. But, whiplash is real and varies in the degrees of severity. Also, it can lead to long-term effects that could make sufferers financially drained and unable to work for years. Because of this, they should seek financial compensation with the help of an experienced attorney from Sabbeth Law

What Accident Victims Might Not Know About Whiplash

A whiplash injury occurs when the neck rapidly moves back and forth, impacting the neck’s soft tissue, tendons, muscles, and nerves. In fact, it can also affect the spine.

Rear-end collisions are the kind of accident where whiplash can usually be suffered by those involved. However, this injury can also occur in any accident where the neck or head is forcefully rocked back and forth. Victims of skiing accidents, physical abuse, bicycle accidents, and slip and falls may sustain a whiplash injury. Also, whiplash can be suffered by those who engage in horseback riding and ride on roller coasters.

Symptoms Whiplash Suffers Can Suffer in the Long Term

While some whiplash may resolve within a few weeks or months, others will have to deal with the accompanying pain and restriction for years or forever. Whiplash can lead to long-term effects such as constant dizziness, chronic pain and stiffness, upper or lower back pain, ear ringing, chronic headaches, blurry vision, memory issues, and others. These effects are usually suffered by those who are involved in a serious car accident, suffer serious neck injury, sustain a spinal fracture, have a pre-existing neck condition, and those who don’t get enough medical treatment right after the crash.

The Rights of Long-Term Sufferers

Whiplash can significantly affect a sufferer’s daily routine and overall quality of life. Also, victims may need ongoing medical care and have to be away from work for a long time. A whiplash that results from an accident due to someone else’s negligence makes the sufferer eligible for compensation from the negligent party’s insurance company. However, insurance companies are not generous when paying claims. In fact, they will deny claims outright once they find loopholes in them. However, a skilled attorney can change how an insurance company will look at an injury claim. By hiring an attorney an accident victim who suffers from whiplash can be entitled to much more than they thought. 

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