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What is a Commercial Construction Defect Claim?

Commercial construction defect claims are unfortunately not uncommon and they are also not fun to deal with.

If you have been faced with a construction defect claim or need to file one, you should find the best construction lawyers in Phoenix for guidance and advice moving forward.

What is a Construction Defect Claim?

A construction defect claim is filed when a construction project doesn’t meet the requirements in the contract or doesn’t comply with the industry’s regulations and standards.

A claim can be filed for many reasons, especially when damage has been done to the project.

  •   Improper design
  •   Low-quality work
  •   Improper installation
  •   Use of Defective Material
  •   Use of low-quality materials and supplies

When it comes to commercial projects, a defect claim pops up when the work of the project doesn’t meet the expectations of the buyer. The contractor is then faced with challenges because they don’t always have the time or resources to deal with a claim.

Impacts of a Construction Defect Claim

On top of taking up a lot of time and resources, a defect claim can cause damage to a contractor’s reputation.

The other negative impacts include the inability to continue working. Sometimes a defect claim against a contractor disables the function of the business. Especially if the contractor is in the middle of multiple projects.

Of course, the best way to avoid a defect claim is for contractors to do their absolute best work with the right supplies. A clear contract usually prevents confusion about expectations. But sometimes a defect claim will happen. When it does, work with an experienced construction law lawyer to know how to proceed.

Finding the Right Lawyer

When dealing with any type of claim involved in a construction project, not only do you want to work with a lawyer, but one that is experienced with construction law.

Not all lawyers are the same, so make sure you are doing what you need to do to find the most reliable and best lawyer for your case. Start by asking friends for referrals. Next, always look at reviews and do your own research. There is plenty of information out there on the internet. If you do run into lack of information, it could be a warning sign that. Only work with a lawyer that you know you can trust. This is going to make the claim process much smoother.

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