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A criminal attorney represents a suspect in the court proceedings. They are most likely to appear in court especially when the defendant is charged with committing a crime. The crime can include murder, juvenile offenses, assault drug abuse, driving violations, and even burglary. Their role is to defend the suspect whether charged with a misdemeanor or even a major felony. He can even participate in arguing for bonds on behalf of the suspect. They are not in a position to defend multiple parties in the same criminal matter. A criminal attorney should maintain privilege and privacy regarding the client he is representing. There are many firms across the globe where one gets these attorneys from. Some of these firms include the Sayegh & Sayegh law firm.

Some of the rights of a criminal are:

  1. Right to remain silent. The criminal has the right to remain silent at the time of the arrest. The suspect is only required to speak during the legal proceedings.
  2. Right to have an attorney. Hiring a criminal attorney to represent you during the court proceedings is not a legal offense.
  3. Right to ask for the charges charged against you. You have the right to be advised on your charges especially at the time of the arrest.
  4. Right to know the police handling you. You possess the right as a criminal to ask for the identity of the police dealing with you. They can either produce the name or even the badge number.
  5. Right for communication. You can communicate with your attorney or even your family through the telephone. This will help alert them on your whereabouts.

The role of criminal attorneys include

  1. Evaluate the case

Reputable criminal attorney evaluates the case while considering all the aspects associated with the case. Even though the defendant is guilty, then he must tackle the case more smartly without considering the faultiness of the defendant.

  1. Gathering relevant information.

The criminal attorney is responsible for collecting information related to the case. This will facilitate the collection of evidence that will make the client win the case. He can even visit the scene of the crime to gather vital information regarding the case. He can also make use of the witnesses to obtain more information.

  1. Update the clients.

The criminal attorney has the role of keeping the client updated. The updates can be based on the court proceeding notifying him on when to appear before the court. This helps in instances where the client is still working and has no one to make the updates.

Before settling or choosing a criminal attorney you need to access the following.

  1. The experience of the criminal attorney. This is because an experienced criminal attorney will help you win the case. This is because he possesses the required expert knowledge in this field.
  2. The flexibility and reliability of the attorney. You need to consider whether he can be available at any time you need him. He should be even in a position of handling some difficult situations.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are many roles related to a criminal attorney. The above article clearly illustrates some of the roles and considerations one should make before hiring a criminal attorney. It is always advisable to know your rights as a criminal.

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