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Functions of a divorce attorney

All marriages start with good faith and hope that the marriage will be permanent. However, in some circumstances, a divorce turns out to be the last option. The divorce process can be both physically and emotionally overwhelming. It is time-consuming and can be very costly. Further, the process can be legally complicated and therefore an experienced lawyer can help in breaking down the process to ensure its success.

An experienced lawyer will help to provide adequate legal advice. Therefore, having a good lawyer can help to ease the whole process of divorce especially when it is to be handled legally. Bardley McKnight has been a successful law firm that has all through the years represented and guided their clients through the divorce process. They help to develop adequate strategies and ensure that their clients are well informed at any stage of the divorce process.

Here is what divorce lawyers do

  • A divorce lawyer ensures that the rights of their clients are well protected and there are no further humiliation and oppression by the other spouse.
  • They provide legal advice to their clients to ensure that they are well conversant with the law. This helps the clients to understand every bit of the requirements during the whole process.
  • A divorce lawyer helps to review the situation and all the related documents which may include tax returns, property value information, and paycheck stubs. In addition, they listen to the client’s account of their situation and hence provide legal advice based on the outlined needs.
  • A divorce lawyer represents the client in the court proceedings. They draft the marital settlement agreements for their clients which will form the legal contract. Such contracts include child custody, alimony, and division of assets
  • A divorce lawyer can be an alternative to going for trial by initiating a divorce mediation. The process will involve the lawyer acting as a mediator to facilitate the divorce negotiations. In this case, the lawyer will be striving to bring a resolution between the couples and solve their differences amicably. The process is usually cheaper and easier than going to court.
  • A divorce lawyer can also act as an arbitrator through the divorce arbitration process. The couples present their case before a lawyer who the couple selects and as an arbitrator, the lawyer will decide on how the couple should handle their case. In most cases, the arbitrator’s decision cannot be appealed.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the legal process of divorce is complicated and complex. There is a lot of paperwork and filing of multiple forms that will be required. This makes the process to be long and complicated especially when not conversant with the divorce law and process. Regardless of the couple’s situation, they need a lawyer who will help them carry out the legal process of divorce. When issues such as child custody, alimony, and division of properties are involved, the couples will have to hire a lawyer who will provide adequate and efficient advice. Having a skilled and experienced divorce attorney will ensure an amicable and satisfactory representation in the legal process.

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