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The Professional Responsibilities of Insurance Defense Lawyers

The world of insurance is an increasingly complex industry and the attorneys at Hall Booth Smith Attorneys at Law know that having the right insurance defense lawyer matters.

What do insurance defense attorneys do?

Insurance defense attorneys represent insurers and policyholders in insurance related matters. The insurance industry covers a multitude of things, such as, automobiles, real property, medical related matters, employment, life, and more. Because of the pervasiveness of the industry, policyholders and insurers can face complex legal issues that touch on various areas of law. Different types of insurance related matters include but are not limited to:

  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Employment law
  • E&O insurance liability
  • Medical malpractice liability
  • Legal malpractice liability
  • Property insurance
  • Automotive insurance and third-party claims
  • Identity theft protection
  • Homeowners/renters insurance claims
  • Insurance fraud claims
  • Compliance

Finding an attorney who is knowledgeable in the area of law most relevant to your specific case is critical in choosing the correct representation.

How do policyholders benefit from having an insurance defense lawyer?

Insurers know that policyholders are sometimes sued and would be best served if they had representation. A common circumstance in which a policyholder may find themselves sued is if a third-party is alleging that the policyholder’s driving was the cause of their car accident. In such a situation, the third-party would be looking for compensation from the policyholder. This is why insurers often hire an insurance defense attorney to represent the policyholder during the litigation to bring about the best possible outcome for the policyholder.

Another example of cases that insurance defense lawyers are able to handle are liability coverage cases involving extra contractual exposure. Businesses can be policyholders and businesses often contract with other businesses which sometimes exposes them liability. Insurance defense lawyers can help mitigate any potential losses by advising the policyholder prior to entering into a contract or in litigation after a claim has been brought.

With their years of experience and vast swaths of knowledge, Hall Booth Smith Attorneys at Law will help you pay less towards damages, successfully negotiate more favorable settlement terms, and protect you from excessive financial loss.

How do insurers benefit from having an insurance defense lawyer?

The insurance industry is heavily regulated and varies state to state. This is especially important for national insurance companies to keep in mind because they cannot make blanket policy decisions across all states. It is important for insurers to consult insurance defense attorneys when making policy changes to confirm that they are complying with state laws. Additionally, having an attorney who is familiar with local insurance regulation is vital to an insurer who has been accused of wrongfully denying a policyholder’s claim because local laws may be the determining factor in such a case.

Insurers may also employ the services of an insurance defense attorney to investigate and resolve matters of insurance fraud. Preventing a claimant from obtaining a benefit they are not entitled to protects the insurer from making unnecessary payouts.

Hall Booth Smith attorneys have extensive experience in insurance defense law and are uniquely positioned to be able to provide sound coverage advice and to litigate when necessary to protect their clients’ rights and defend against bad faith claims.

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