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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Both new and experienced riders need to be conscientious about motorcycle safety. While you may be confident in your abilities as a rider, you can’t always count on the drivers who you share the road with to drive safely. Being vigilant about safety and exercising good situational awareness can help you avoid a serious accident or injury. Here are some important tips that every rider should consider.

Always Wear a Helmet

One of the most important rules of motorcycle safety is that you should always wear a helmet; this goes for passengers as well. If you ever plan to have someone else on your bike with you, you should definitely invest in an extra helmet. Even if you’re just cruising around your neighborhood and won’t be travelling at a high speed on a highway, you’re vulnerable to a serious or even fatal injury if you fail to wear a helmet.

Keep an Eye Out for Distracted Drivers

It’s hard to know whether someone operating another vehicle has their eyes on the road, but there are a few obvious signs that you should be aware of. If you see that a person doesn’t have both hands on the wheel or is continually swerving outside the boundaries of a lane, it’s likely that he or she isn’t paying attention. Likewise, failing to accelerate when a light turns green or being dangerously late in stopping when a light turns red could indicate that a person is preoccupied with something else or looking at his or her phone.

Unfortunately, distracted driving involving cell phones is an increasingly common cause of accidents. In the aftermath of an accident in which you believe distracted driving was a major factor, it may be advisable to seek legal counsel. If you need help from a motorcycle accident attorney Orlando, reach out to a firm that has experience in helping riders get compensation for injuries that were the result of distracted driving.

Don’t Ride in Unsafe Weather Conditions

While you know that you don’t want to be riding in the pouring rain, you may try to forge ahead in light rain. However, bear in mind that the weather can turn foul very quickly.

Check the forecast before you head out on a long trip. If you’re caught off guard with bad weather, don’t try to push through it. Wait it out until it’s safe to get back on the road.

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