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Driving Under the Influence and Its Repercussions

Being arrested is always a frightening experience, and if it’s your first DUI arrest, it’s bound to be a confusing time. You’ll ask yourself a lot of questions, like what steps can you take? Do you need to hire a lawyer? Will you lose your license as a result of the arrest? Usually, DUI offenses are considered driving violations, but just like with any other criminal offense, there are repercussions. No matter the severity of the offense, there are a lot of things you can do to fight the DUI, starting with getting yourself a reputable DUI attorney to represent you.

Do You Really Need a DUI Attorney?

Usually for most cases, a general attorney can give your case a high chance of success, and a public defender a more than fair chance. Unless you cause harm to a person or incur heavy property damages, you can hope to get off pretty easily. So you just have to be aware of these things, so that you can always be safe.

However, DWI and DUI cases are taken seriously in every US state, since they have the potential to snowball into harmful incidents. So you always have to take care of this thing. You must have to obey the rules. Laws about Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated (pertaining to narcotics and alcohol respectively) are very specific in their own way. If you’re facing a DUI arrest, you’re going to need a DUI lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system.

Talk with Your Lawyer About Requesting a DMV Hearing

After your DUI or DWI arrest, you should consider requesting a DMV hearing. A formal DMV hearing decides whether you will be allowed to keep your license, making it important if you want to keep your driver’s license after the arrest. In most cases, you have up to a total of 10 days to have your lawyer request a DMV hearing.

It’s important to have a reputable lawyer representing you for both your DUI arrest and your DMV hearing. Barnes Law, one of the best DUI defense lawyers in Knoxville, assures you the best defense for your DUI case. If you want to know more about getting their services for your DUI case, click here for more information! You will get every detail here.

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