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Filing Wrongful Death Lawsuit After SUV Rollover Accident

One of the most painful experiences for anyone is to lose a family member in a motor vehicle accident. The pain turns to anger when the relative believes the accident was due to the negligence of the motor vehicle manufacturer.

Now they are left to mourn the loss and begin to wonder how to hold the car manufacturer accountable and begin to research wrongful death attorneys.

Contacting attorneys such as Kuzyk Law will help victims’ families understand more about wrongful death and how to file.

Can A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Be Filed After an SUV Accident?

Over the years, thousands of lives have been lost due to motor vehicle accidents, explicitly involving SUVs, on highways and bi-ways across the United States.

Losing someone dear to you, especially a loved one, in a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) rollover accident may qualify you to document a wrongful death lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer.

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states a nearly 25 percent rollover rate for SUVs. The SUV rollover rate far exceeds that of a regular sedan, which has a ten percent rollover rate.

Ultimately, an SUV’s chance of flipping is more than twice that of a typical passenger car.  Just the thought of a rollover death will make anyone grimace. A family member will be torn apart if they witnessed the accident or came across the graphic images.

Based on accident scene photos and official reports, rollover accidents leave vehicles mangled, plus the driver and/passengers facing a horrific death.

Nobody should have to suffer the casualty of a cherished family member because of the faulty structure of an SUV. You can call a wrongful death attorney to talk over any wrongful death claim today.

Damages In A Wrongful Death Claim

There are several kinds of damages in a wrongful death claim. Family members of the SUV rollover victim may be able to file more than one lawsuit.

The first claim is against the other vehicle driver, which may have been involved in the crash. The second claim will be against the SUV Manufacturer.

There are several expenses that the family member can seek compensation for during a wrongful death filing. Some of the costs include:

  • Administrative funeral costs
  • Costs to bury their loved one
  • All medical expenses incurred by the loved one leading up to death
  • Pain suffering and setbacks faced due to losing and mourning their loved one

Initiate a Consultation

Consultation with an attorney should not be delayed when a loved one has been lost to an SUV rollover accident. Gather all the initial evidence you can, then schedule the introductory meeting with a wrongful death attorney.

You can examine the evidence of the case that led to the death of your loved one. An experienced wrongful death attorney will make time to talk to any onlookers who were in the vicinity when the tragedy occurred.

An accident lawyer may also try to assemble specialists who can validate claims about the design flaws present in the SUV at the time of the tragedy.

The preliminary meeting gives the attorney the chance to meticulously examine your lawsuit and formulate a technique for resolving your case.

If the attorney can finalize your lawsuit without entering the courtroom, then an attorney will be inclined to propose this possibility in a bid to avert a prolonged trial.

A lengthy trial can be anywhere from many months to several years. If you have any further evidence or remember anything that can strengthen the case, readily share it with the attorney.

In the meantime, be patient and adhere to whatever suggestions your attorney might make to have a seamless process.

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