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Child support facts dads should be aware of

Whenever there is an impending divorce, one of the most polarizing topics is child support. Though there are several mothers who can pay child support to custodial fathers, in the majority of divorce cases that involve a child, mothers are the custodial parents and fathers pay child support. 

If you’re a dad reading this article and if you’re ready with your Sandy child custody attorney, you should first know the child custody facts that every dad should know. Here are a few such facts to keep in mind. 

Is child support forever?

No, child support is not forever. As per the law, the dad who is paying the child support payments will have to continue until the following circumstances become applicable:

  • Your child becomes an adult
  • Your child becomes an active member of the military
  • Your parental rights get annulled due to adoption
  • Your minor child becomes self-sufficient

What is the effect of the child custody decision?

When you both have given birth to a child in your marriage, both of you have the liability to support your children emotionally and physically. During a divorce, when one parent gets physical custody of the child, that parent fulfills the responsibility. The other parent gets the chance to pay the child support payments and fulfill the financial responsibility of the child. 

In the majority of joint custody cases, the child support that the parents are required to pay is determined by the court. The court takes into consideration the percentage of money each parent contributes to the welfare of the child. The parent’s joint income is also taken into account. 

Do you have to pay child support if you’re not married?

The obligation to pay for your child’s future is not bound by marriage. Whenever you become a parent, you automatically bear the responsibility of supporting your child financially. The responsibilities of a parent are determined in the following two ways:

  • You accept the fact that you’re a parent and you welcome your child home and take care of them
  • Your percentage of responsibility is determined by a paternity test

In case you have any doubts regarding your percentage, you should immediately consult a family law attorney who specializes in child support. 

Therefore, if you’re a dad who has filed for divorce but is worried about sharing the responsibilities of your child, you have to keep in mind the above-listed facts. 

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