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Blunders to Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges in Houston  

Houston has faced alarming crime cases in the recent past. Just like in other cities, drunk driving, theft, burglary, traffic violations are quite common. For this reason, we can disregard the role of criminal attorneys in the city. If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s advisable to seek help from a skilled attorney. That’s not all, though! Your decisions define the outcome of your case, and there are various mistakes to avoid. 

Let’s get to know them: 

  1. Resisting arrest

Most people fight back when apprehended by the police. However, this can work against you or lead to more charges. When facing a criminal charge, stay calm and comply with arrest orders. If the police harass you or violate your rights, you can always speak to your lawyer. 

  1. Representing yourself

Most people believe that hiring the services of a lawyer is expensive. And this is the biggest blunder that you can make. Criminal cases are complex, and you need legal expertise to pull through. They are also time-consuming, and the process can take longer without an attorney. 

A Houston attorney understands all the legal aspects concerning criminal cases in the city and will give you the best chance of fair treatment. Whether facing DUI, murder, theft or any other charges in Clear Lake City, any experienced Clear Lake, TX attorney will advise you to consult a lawyer immediately after arrest. 

  1. Taking long to engage an attorney

We already know that a lawyer plays a critical role in any criminal case. But, the question lingers, when do you hire one? Some people take too long to do this, and this is yet another blunder.

It’s best to hire an attorney immediately; this gives the professional time to gather evidence and relevant documentation.  

Also, you shouldn’t attend any court proceedings without legal representation, and having a lawyer will go a long way. The police will also question you regarding the offence, and it’s best when your attorney speaks on your behalf. And his is only possible when you hire one immediately. 

It’s also critical to hire the right attorney. Choose one specializing in cases similar to what you’re faced with. This way, it’ll be easy to build a strong defence and improve your chances of success. 

  1. Responding without legal help

The police may try to intimidate you during arrest or questioning. Your sentiments may be used against you later on. It’s your right to remain silent and have your attorney respond on your behalf. The professional knows how to go about such offences and the statements to avoid. You can easily fall into a trap by responding to issues without an attorney. 

  1. Missing scheduled court dates

Criminal cases are different from other offences, and you may have to appear in cut severally. Don’t miss the court dates; this will make it harder to prove your case. Also, it gives the judge a chance to issue a breach of warrant arrest against you. This will mean that you stay in jail until the next trial date.  

  1. Giving out case details

 It’s common for criminal offenders to share details about the case or other stressful experiences. However, this can land in the wrong ears. Only confide in someone you trust, and this should be your lawyer. Also, don’t share details on social media or post any allegations concerning your case. 

The bottom line 

There are different types of criminal offences in Houston. If you’re facing such an offence, the first step to success would be hiring an attorney. Engage one with years of experience handling such cases successfully. Also, verify that the lawyer is licensed to operate in the state. By so doing, you improve your likelihood of getting a lenient court ruling.

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