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You’ll need a lawyer at some point in your life and here are the best times to hire one

At some point in life, everyone needs a lawyer. But not everyone realizes when that time comes.

The challenges people face every day can be daunting, in the best and worst of times they may face. Buying a new house can be exciting, but there are legal issues to consider before that closing date. Getting a divorce can be stressful, but not all breakups are complicated.

So when should you consider hiring a lawyer? Here are some top reasons most people turn to an attorney for help.

Accidents will happen

A major reason to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer is when you’ve been injured in an accident. It’s a scary time, and depending on your injuries, could be a life-threatening time, too. A personal injury lawyer can take all the pressure off of you while you heal and work to return to some form of a normal life. Whether it’s an automobile accident, a work injury, or a freak incident at a private event, a personal injury lawyer can hold those responsible for your accident accountable. They can protect your interests and secure a fair outcome that will ensure you’re compensated as you deserve for the injuries and setbacks suffered from the accident.

Crime and punishment

No one wants to think about it, but it’s possible you could be accused of a crime. A criminal defense lawyer can step in to protect your rights, whether you’re guilty or innocent. While some people might believe they can represent themselves because they did nothing wrong, the stakes are too high in a criminal case to ignore the need for a good lawyer to stand by your side. Even if you can’t afford it, you have a right to a lawyer, known as a public defender, who will represent you. The public defender is paid for by the state and is available to those charged with a crime who can show they don’t earn enough income to pay for a lawyer.

It’s just business

If you run your own business, chances are you are used to doing everything yourself. But don’t take on legal problems just to save your company money. A civil lawyer can help save you much more than you will end up paying them to make sure your business and livelihood are protected. It’s not uncommon, and in fact makes good sense, to use a lawyer for your business to help with contracts, real estate, taxes, employees, and intellectual property.

A family affair

Some of the most stressful and challenging times in your life involve family. Those are the times to consider hiring a lawyer to help sort out what might be far too personal for you to resolve rationally on your own. From everything to divorces to estate planning to child custody arrangements, a family court lawyer can help protect your interests at an incredibly emotional time. While it may seem cold and impersonal when considering issues that involve such close relationships, that’s exactly the reason you’ll want someone detached from the situation to help guide you through it.

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