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Workplace Injury: What to Do After You are Hurt on the Job

In most jobs, employees are at risk of injuries or illnesses. The environment in which they work may result in health issues. Also, workplace accidents can lead to injuries, which is a reason for a file workers’ compensation claim. If you suffer injuries on the job, a reputable los angeles bus accident attorney has expert attorneys who can evaluate your situation. 

Workplace Injuries Vary Workplace

Workplace injuries and illnesses can occur because of falls, repetitive motion injuries, slips and falls, car accidents, and materials handling. Falls are often suffered by construction workers, leading to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and death. They can be caused by defective equipment, carelessness, and unsafe work conditions. An employee can develop a repetitive motion injury when they perform the same movement over and over again for a long time. This can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and tendonitis. Slips and falls can lead to broken bones, musculoskeletal injuries, and head injuries. Injuries suffered in a vehicle accident are compensable if the worker was engaged in work-related business. 

Different types of employees suffer different types of health issues including stress, fatigue, and muscle aches. These issues can generate a certain degree of damage. However, some jobs represent a greater risk due to an employee’s specific duties and circumstances. And injuries can occur because of company neglect and carelessness of others. For instance, you may be working in a company that handles or manufactures chemicals. Because of this position, you will be in contact with a greater occupational hazard than others. If you have been injured at work, you can have peace of mind knowing that your claim can have the best possible outcome if you work with an injury attorney.  

What to Do After an Injury

After you sustain a work-related injury, you must notify your immediate supervisor right after the incident or accident that caused the injury. If you don’t report your workplace injury within the state-mandated time frame, you may lose your right to file a workers’ compensation claim. After learning about your injury, your employer will make sure you receive all necessary medical attention. Also, they should notify their insurance provider and file a claim with the state’s workers’ compensation board. Workers’ compensation benefits compensate you for lost wages while you cannot work and covers all medical expenses necessary for your diagnosis and treatment including doctor’s appointment, prescription, surgery, medical equipment, and rehabilitative care. 

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