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Why are Motorcycle Accidents Worse Than Any Other Auto Accident?

Many Texas residents enjoy riding their motorcycles in the hot summer sun. While these two-wheeled (or sometimes three-wheeled) vehicles can be a lot of fun, they are not so fun in the event of a crash due to their small size.


If you ride a motorcycle, you should know that motorcycle accidents are much worse than car crashes and any other type of auto accident. Here are a few reasons why you need to be extra careful when out and about.

More Likely to be Fatal

According to statistics, motorcycle accidents are more likely to be fatal than car accidents. This is due to a couple main factors. First of all, motorcycles do not have seatbelts, so riders are more likely to be ejected due to the impact from a crash.

On top of that, motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles. When a passenger vehicle or pickup truck collides with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is going to take the brunt of the impact. This means that a collision with a car is likely to be fatal.

Injuries are More Severe

Motorcycle crashes tend to be more serious because the rider’s body is fully exposed, making injuries more severe. There are no seatbelts, airbags, enclosure, or any other protection, unlike what a passenger vehicle provides. This means that in a crash, a rider is likely to hit a body part on the motorcycle or other object, causing broken bones, head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. Because of this, helmets, jackets, armor, and other protection should be worn, as they are crucial for reducing injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Higher Medical Bills

Car accidents can cause serious, long-term injuries that are expensive to treat, but injuries from motorcycle crashes are often much more severe. Because the entire body is exposed, any part can be injured. Spinal cord injuries are common, and the result may be paralysis, which can be costly to treat. Head trauma is another expensive medical issue to treat. Extensive brain damage can impact the entire body and require costly physical therapy and rehabilitation.

A person can also suffer broken bones, chest injuries, and internal injuries. Surgeries and medication may be required, and these medical expenses can be costly. It is not uncommon for medical treatment to exceed six figures.

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Motorcycles can be fun, but if they are involved in an accident, they are not very safe due to various factors. A person can suffer serious injuries and death due to the lack of protection involved.

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