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How to Become a Notary Public

If you’ve thought about becoming a notary public, you might know that achieving this status has many benefits, such as allowing you to earn extra income and making your resume more impressive. It’s good to know that becoming a notary public isn’t typically complicated, but there are specific steps to follow. Read on for tips on how to become a notary public.

Find a Notary Bonding Service

If you are interested in learning how to become a notary in Florida or any other state, finding a notary bonding service is a great first step. Submitting your notary application through such a service is an easy way to be sure you’ve met all the requirements in your state. These services will gather all of your information and documentation and help you get them submitted to the proper offices. In addition, notary bonding services will typically provide the surety bond required of notary publics as a financial guarantee of service in most states. Finally, when your certification is in order, they’ll send you the necessary customized stamps and seals you’ll need to provide your notary services. Notary bonding services do charge a fee for walking you through the process, but their expert knowledge will ensure you complete all the required steps efficiently.

Offer Your Services

Many people become certified as notary publics as a way to make extra money outside of their primary employment. You can offer mobile notary services to individuals looking to have personal documents notarized. This is a particularly valuable service for people who are looking for notary services outside of typical business or banking hours. People are often happy to pay a private notary to meet them during evening and weekend hours so that they don’t have to take time from their work day to attend to that task.

Update Your Resume

Once you become an official notary public, you can add this skill to your resume. Many companies prefer to hire an in-house notary public rather than using a private notary service every time they need documents notarized. You will still need the skills and experience required for whatever position you’re applying for, but having notary public on your resume in addition can make you a more attractive hiring candidate.

Many people find that obtaining notary public status is a great way to earn extra money. If you follow the steps required for this certification in your state, you can both boost your resume and provide notary services in your spare time.

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