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How Can A Social Security Disability Attorney Help With Your Claim?

Seldom; once you claim a social disability, do you get it approved. It takes a long time and relies on if your case falls into the expected criteria.

A disability claims attorney supporting you from the beginning can speed up the entire process for you. 

There’s no shortcut for people having attorneys by their side but the professional expertise and knowledge help you pursue every step with an increased pace. 

Here are a few aspects where a Social Security Disability Attorney can prove beneficial:

A] Getting you approved at the initial stage 

Social security approving your claim can accelerate the chance of you getting the fastest benefits. The attorneys are well-acquainted with what exactly Social Security looks for in an application, hence they can help you frame it with precision. 

▪︎The expert can fill out the application impeccably, demonstrating how you desperately require the listing and are unable to work. 

▪︎ They can help gather sufficient and relevant evidence that supports your disability. 

▪︎ They can converse with the doctor and request them to use terminology in the reports that convince the social security. 

B] Approval in OTR 

In case of denial of the original application, an alternative that gets the fastest benefits is OTR (On The Record) decision.

An attorney can summarize your case clearly and present arguments of why you are liable to it. He can gather further medical records if any and also write a proposed decision which, when approved, saves time since an Administrative Law Judge doesn’t have to frame it. 

C] Getting a faster hearing date 

If you don’t get Social Security, you can request a hearing and an attorney can help you get a date that is not far off. 

D] Approval from ALJ 

An Administrative Law Judge’s word is the last word. For the hearing, the attorney can prepare you for probable questions, work with you to gather the most pertinent witnesses, and overall bring up the chances of you winning the appeal. 

Studies show that cases, where an attorney was present, were more likely to receive a positive outcome.

Without assistance, applicants can make errors that are hard to correct, they might overstate their past skills or exaggerate upon details which when noticed by the social security can look like a swindle and lead to denial of social security disability.  You can proceed without an attorney and try, but with an attorney, you proceed to win. 

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