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Circumstances under which a driving license can be suspended 

Alcohol-related accidents have caused hundreds of reduce such risks, the Texas authority enforces suspensions of a driver’s license for motorists convicted of driving while intoxicated. The suspensions are however not permanent and the driver can always apply for a reinstatement of their driving license after the suspension period is over. In addition, you have a right to challenge your driving license suspension legally within fifteen days of receiving the suspension.

Having a skilled and experienced driver’s license suspension attorney will help in the provision of legal advice and the representations in the legal process to ensure a reinstatement of your driver’s license. For example, In Texas, Andrew Williams is a lawyer who has specialized in representing individuals who are facing suspension of their driver’s license. With fifteen years of experience, Andrew Williams has overseen the reinstatement of a thousand driver’s licenses and provision of adequate legal advice to his clients.

Your driver’s license can be suspended under various circumstances when you have been arrested for an alcohol-related driving offense such as;

  • Failure to submit to a blood test or breath test at a traffic stoppage. in such circumstances, you are automatically convicted as going against the law which requires a blood test or breath test as the traffic stoppage to assess if the driver is a victim of DWI.
  • You are under the age of 21 and there is a detection of some amount of alcohol in your system. The law prohibits individuals under the age of 21 to consume alcoholic drinks. Therefore, the law can suspend your driver’s license if some amount of alcohol is detected in your system and you’re underage.
  • Convicted of DWI or related offense. Texas authorities have outlined various rules and laws to curb DWI and related offenses which have been a major cause of serious accidents. Therefore, once convicted of such an offense, the law has a right to suspend your driver’s license.
  • Also the blood or breath test results fail meaning by the time of arrest you were drunk. Once the traffic officer takes a breath test or blood test they turn out positive meaning you’re intoxicated with alcohol, the authority can suspend your driver’s license.

For the reinstatement of your driver’s license application, there are three requirements which include;

  1. Personal identification details include your name, date of birth, and driver’s license.
  2. Payment receipts for the reinstatement fees.
  3. Compliance documents that will show the certification of your reinstatement.

Wrapping up.

In conclusion, once your driver’s license is suspended, you have a right to challenge the suspension by requesting an ALR hearing immediately after receiving the suspension notice. Once you’re hearing goes through, then your suspension will be invoked immediately. Secondly, you may apply for an occupational license that will help you go on with your daily basic activities such as child and health care. However, when required to challenge your suspension according to the law, you require a skilled and experienced Driver’s license suspension lawyer who will help guide you through the reinstatement of your driver’s license.

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