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5 Types of Attorneys People Hire in 2021

Not all legal issues need the help of a lawyer. Going to a small claim court and dealing with a speeding ticket are two examples. However, in most cases involving legal disputes, deals, or challenges, you might not wish to have the risks of working alone without legal representation from a professional attorney.

Although every individual’s situation is different, there could be a time when you must hire an attorney. As a matter of fact, failing to deal with a lawyer in a particular situation might result in prison time, broken agreements, and lost claims. Some of the lawyers many people hire today include:

  1. Maritime Piracy Attorney

Maritime piracy is a problem facing international industries and global communities. Pirates are no longer looking for treasure or gold. Today, they target ships carrying goods or oil and may also take crewmembers a hostage.

If you have been a victim of this piracy incident, one of the best maritime piracy lawyers may help you evaluate if you have a legal claim. Attorneys practicing maritime law will need to carry out their responsibilities at the best capacity possible since even the most legal miscalculation may cost their clients dearly.

  1. Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have financial problems and expect bankruptcy proceedings, you may need to consult a bankruptcy lawyer.

This kind of attorney may advise you on the types of bankruptcy, eligibility for bankruptcy, and which type can be perfect for your situation.

  1. Contract Lawyer

This is someone who can help you with the right agreements for your business. Although other business owners prefer using templates to draft agreements that you may find on the internet, it doesn’t cover specifications, which your company requires.

This may lead to legal issues. You may find qualified attorneys online to help you deal with certain provisions, which need to be included in business contracts.

  1. IP (Intellectual Property) Attorney

Any technical, original creative, or scientific invention that might benefit the public should get protected from duplicates and copycats. If you developed a unique product, computer program, song, novel, or art design, you might consult with an IP attorney for licensing agreements and security copyright, trademarks, or patents.

Because IP attorneys have knowledge in innovations and business trends, they can also provide legal advice to clients on the marketing mechanisms and commercial viability of their creations.

  1. Immigration Lawyer

If you want to apply for immigration, you may need the services of an experienced lawyer. Immigration laws are usually comprehensive, and there is too much paperwork involved.

If you fail to apply the right way, chances are, your visa can get rejected. Immigration attorneys have knowledge of such cases and can navigate their clients. Apart from immigration issues, this attorney may as well deal with deportation cases.

Closing Remarks!

Choosing a perfect attorney is similar to choosing any other service or product. It would be best to carry out extensive research so as to come up with the right decision.

Immediately you get a few lawyer referrals with professionalism in your field of practice, you need to properly research every candidate to make the right choice.

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